Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Bird Shippers of America?
We are a group of organizations, mostly bird hatcheries, that have one common goal: to improve the backyard poultry industry. Read our About page for more information about our mission, and read our Partners and Members page to see if your hatchery is part of the BSOA!

How did the BSOA get started? 
In 2002, the Bird Shippers of America, a group of businesses, and individuals, was formed. The primary purpose of the BSOA would be to protect the right to ship live birds, of various types, through the United States Postal Service. Our membership provides the revenue to hire a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. who actively leads us through the complicated scheme of our country’s politics in trying to succeed in our mission. We now also strive to educate consumers on best practices in caring for their birds and fowl, mitigating salmonella, and establish relationships with industry leaders and experts to bring new insights to the industry.

What is the purpose of this website? 
We have a passion for growing the backyard poultry industry. This site is used solely for the purpose of educating our consumers and keeping them up to date on the best ways to mitigate the risks of salmonella, while keeping up to date information on the best care practices for backyard fowl, and bringing industry voices together to keep abreast on the latest news and information.

How Does the BSOA work with the CDC and other entities like the USPS? 
The USPS allows hatcheries across the nation to ship birds. By working with the USPS, a U.S. government entity, it allows the CDC to track everything from shipping dates, to disease testing, and to flock owners, should a disease breakout. This also means that some hatcheries follow the strict testing, and regulations of the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP). The BSOA serves as a sounding board for these organizations assisting in the best interest of our consumers and the ability to continue to ship birds throughout our nation.

How can I keep my family and my flock healthy? 
Whether you are worried about Salmonella, or keeping your flock from catching diseases from other birds, we have a few common practices to implement so you don’t have to give these two potential problems a second thought.
1. Make sure to keep shoes used for chores or near the chicken areas separated from your street shoes. Diseases can be picked up anywhere, from dirty convenience store floors to accidentally stepping in bird droppings outside from other birds. Its best to keep chore shoes and clothes separate from everyday clothes.

2. Make sure you wash your hands each time after touching poultry/fowl or other surfaces that your birds have touched also. Children younger than 5 years old, people with weak immune systems, or the elderly should not handle or touch live chickens or other live fowl. You should never snuggle, kiss, or hold poultry near your mouth.

3. You should never have live poultry or fowl enter your house, especially bathrooms, or living areas where food and drink is served, stored, or prepared.

4. If you can, keep your chickens in a fenced in area or in a run to help reduce the chances of your fowl having contact with other birds from the wild.


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