Learn about bird species that are hatched and shipped by mail order hatcheries throughout the United States.

Three guinea fowl chickens
The best-known watchdogs of the avian kind can easily be raised in your backyard or farm.
Ringneck Pheasant
Pheasants are hardy birds that grace the landscapes of the most continents in the world.
A group of turkeys
America’s favorite Thanksgiving protein can be raised in the backyard or farm with special care.
Broiler chicken
Chickens – Broilers
Broilers are the most common meat bird raised in the United States because of their feed efficiency.
White geese
Ducks & Goslings
Ducks are the most widely consumed bird in the world. They are loved both for their egg and meat production, and tend to be more hardy than chickens.
Pet chickens in an English garden
Chickens – Layers
Laying chickens are growing in popularity, learn how to care for them.